Blogger Crush: Julia Engel Of ‘Gal Meets Glam’

A blogger that I can’t get enough of is Julia of fashion blog Gal Meets Glam. Read more to see some of her most recent looks…

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15 eCards for Easter!

Easter is almost here! As one of my favorite holidays, I can’t wait to celebrate this weekend and the miraculous presence of semi-warm weather (finally!) with my family. What better way to get a jumpstart than with these hilarious Easter eCards that will have you saying, ‘Did they just go there?!’

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Happy Easter!


Happy Easter, Lovelies!!

We hope you have the best day ever!

♥ always-

The Lovelyish Team

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Currently Coveting: The Short ‘Do

Right now my hair is probably halfway down my upper arm, so it’s past the medium length style but not quite long yet. My hair is fine and thin, so the more I think about it, the less I think it looks good. Plus, I always find myself putting my hair in a pony-tail anyways. So I have been thinking about chopping it all off in the spirit of the warm weather gods and chic fashion statements. Here’s some favorite short hair styles I’m loving!

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Lovelyish Look Back: Our Top 10 Posts This Week

Happy Saturday, Lovelies! It’s that time again — time for the Lovelyish look back! Here are our top 10 posts from this week. Check them out!

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Yummy Easter DIY: Homemade Cadbury Cream Eggs

One of my guiltiest pleasures is the Cadbury cream egg. They are so sweet and goopy and yummy, I can’t help but indulge (once a year when they are available). I like to cut mine in half and sprinkle a little cinnamon on it — SUPER YUM!I just can’t help myself when I see these. My sweet tooth goes nuts!The Cadbury cream egg is one of those special things you can only get your hands on once a year, unless you’re crafty, then you can totally make your own! I will definitely be trying this recipe. It looks pretty easy and really fun to do (especially if you have kiddos). Don’t be frightened by all the steps, it’s really not that labor intensive, I just sort of listed the instructions so they would be easier to read and follow. Check out how to make your own cream eggs below!

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Nikole Reviews: M.A.C Cosmetics Playland Collection

While shopping at my local M.A.C counter the other day, I was told that I could come back for a free application of the newest collection Playland. I was extremely excited because I have never thought of trying some of the colors in this collection and wanted to see how the makeup artist would apply them to me (without looking crazy). 

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