The Grunge Look: My Guilty Pleasure

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I’ve been seeing a couple of stars sporting flannels and dirty, unkempt jeans lately. A few girls I passed walking in the lower westside last Monday were rocking beanies and combat boots. I complimented one on her Metallica tee.  My first thought was that they were hipsters, or at least hipster-esque. But when I put more thought into it, I realized that the late ’80s and early ’90s I-don’t-care, slightly messy yet kind of badass grunge look has been making a reappearance!

As a lover of anything fashionable and trendy, my style tends to vary from time to time. I’ll take certain aspects from different things I see, mixing and matching until I find a happy balance. That being said, I can’t say I rock the grunge look 24/7… but it is one of my favorite styles. And although it’s on the opposite spectrum of my typically preppy side, it’s one of my guiltiest pleasures that I love seeing others rock.

F L A N N E L S ,  R I P P E D  D E N I M  A N D  B A N D  T E E S  . . .  O H  M Y ! 

These are the absolute must-have staple pieces of the grunge look. The more worn in, the better. Opt for thrift stores with a vintage, well-lived in pair of old jeans, and a men’s flannel. Combine that with a classic rock tee and you’ll be grunge-ready in no time.

 1. Almost Famous Lucy Light Wash High Waisted Denim Shorts | 2. H & M Flannel Shirt | 3. Skate America Nirvana Band T-Shirt | 4. Diane Von Furstenberg Worn And Torn Style Skinny Jeans

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Where I Want To Eat, NYC Edition

I love food. Besides its ability to bring people together, I simply love tasting other cultures’ cuisines and seeing what’s out there. NYC is a mecca of delicious places to eat from and I am on the hunt to find the best ones. Think of it as a food bucket list!

1. Smorgasburg

I have always had an obsession with flea markets. I would go with my mom and buy clothes, vintage jewelry and bags. But now I have a new favorite kind of flea market- a food flea market. Smorgasburg has 75 – 100 vendors with what sounds to be mouth watering. I heard about this a few months back from a friend and have wanted to go ever since. True story- when I’m bored I find myself going on Yelp and looking at all the pictures of the food.

via Smorgasburg’s Facebook 

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Temporary Tattoos: The New Jewelry Alternative

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I hate needles. Everything about them, from how they feel when touching my skin to their very name, makes me want to squirm. Yet as spineless as I may be, I can still appreciate a good piece of body art. Without a doubt, I am in complete awe of them, which is why the temporary fashion tattoo has become my new favorite accessory.

Boldly going where no “jewelry” trend has gone before, these tattoos, which last up to 6 days, channel beautiful and delicate with just their metallic ink. This brilliant yet unconventional accessory changes the way we think about jewelry These temporary pieces play on everything we love about our bling bling, which is why I’m hoping they’re here to stay. They’re easy to apply, painless, innovative, and satisfyingly unique.


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Simple Ways To Reimagine The Crop Top

Cher Horowitz from Clueless (1995) via Scout It Out

Cher Horowitz wore it best. Yes, she was clueless in every way imaginable, but she was quite attuned to her own fashion sense. On the big screen, she reigned supreme as her outfits eclipsed everyone and everything around her. However, it wasn’t until those final scenes of the film when she makes her grand epiphany, that her style choice, a white crop top tee siting atop a sheer buttoned-down blouse, sticks with me most. Layered on top of one another, the two garments looked predestined like they were simply meant to be.

And yet, as girls everywhere say goodbye to their bare midriffs and miniaturized tops for the summer, I can’t help but think back to Cher, a girl who knew how to take full advantage of this crop top trend.

A nifty new way to dress up your tops, this layered look will provide your fall wardrobe with a warmer and cuter alternative. In one look, you can combine casual and classy and become a trendsetter. There’s no denying that Cher knows best as she helps us to challenge the basic foundation of the crop top.

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16 Reasons I Can’t Wait For Fall

My best friends and family know just how much I love the fall. I count down the days in August at the end of each summer, excitedly waiting for the leaves to change color and the temperature to get cooler. I could go on all day about my appreciation for this season… but for the sake of time, here are 16 reasons I’m looking forward to fall this year!

1. The amazing, delicious scent of crisp leaves, fresh apples and cinnamon pumpkin treats… all neatly packed into a seasonal fall candle. If you haven’t yet, check out the selection at Bath & Body Works. My favorite is Caramel Pumpkin Swirl!

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10 Celestial-Inspired Pieces To Wear This Fall

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Aside from delicate jewelry and pearls, another fall jewelry trend that will be alive and well is celestial-inspired pieces. From constellations to starry hair accessories, this is one trend that I will definitely be participating in during the upcoming season. Here are a few of my favorite starry accessories…

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Allison’s All-Time Favorite Makeup Products

I’ve tried a ton of makeup products, and most of them just don’t seem to work out with my oily, acne-prone skin. Either it makes my oily t-zone worse, enlarges my pores or worst of all: breakout city. So when I find a product that works with my skin, I will continue to buy it until it isn’t available anymore. Here are my all-time favorite makeup products that always keep me coming back for more… 

1. Benefit’s They’re Real! Push-Up Liner

Seeing countless advertisements and tutorials with this push-up gel liner definitely pushed this product to the top of my must-try list. Not only is it ridiculously easy to use, but it’s long wearing and waterproof! If you’re new to the world of liquid eyeliners and not sure where to start, buy this pen. It makes applying eyeliner as easy as applying chapstick. And if you can’t master the cat eye, this pen definitely makes it easier.

2. Benefit’s Gimme Brow

There’s a lot of Benefit on this list. Truthfully, I started my affair with Benefit when I tried Porefessional—that miracle cream made my large t-zone pores invisible! Since then, they’ve completely gained my trust. Their new tinted brow gel was no exception—it makes my brows look naturally thick, and it’s a cinch to apply. I don’t have to worry if I’ve penciled in my brows too much or too little—the fibers in this gel easily blend with your eyebrows to create a natural-looking fuller brow. Ask an associate to demo the product on your brows… I guarantee you’ll love the results. 

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