6 Sweatshirts You Should Wear This Spring

A perfect piece to wear this spring is a fun sweatshirt. These cozy sweaters can definitely make a fashion statement and can keep you warm during those chilly spring nights. Read more to see which ones I’m currently coveting…

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7 Bags Perfect For Spring/Summer

Buying a handbag or purse that you can easily transition from season to season can be tough. These handbags will not only carry you through spring and summer, but they’re versatile enough to wear year after year (like this Fieldguided tote featured above!)

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Dove’s New ‘Beauty Patch’ Campaign

Dove is known for its realistic take on beauty, launching several campaigns over the recent years to celebrate un-retouched women. Dove’s campaigns promote body image acceptance for all ages, races and sizes. The most recent campaign features a beauty patch given to a test group who all undergo a placebo effect from the product that has absolutely nothing in it. All of the participants realize that they are in control of how they perceive themselves.

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Allison Reviews: April 2014 Birchbox

I can’t believe April is almost over! If you’ve found yourself spending a lot of rainy days indoors, this Birchbox is perfect for you. This rainy day-inspired box is perfect for spending a day at home, playing with beauty samples! Here’s what I received this month… 

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Lovelyish Dish: I’ve Never Dyed My Hair

It’s just about that time of year again. That time of year where I start to get the itch to lighten up my naturally dark locks as the weather gets continually warmer and my skin starts to shake the paleness of winter. Every year, like clock work, I seriously consider dying my hair. And every year I chicken out.

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How To Find The Best Hair Part For Your Face Shape

Hair parts can be a little tricky. Depending on your face shape, certain hair parts will work exceptionally well. Wondering if you can pull off that dramatic side or center part? Check and see after the jump… 

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Annie’s Week On Instagram

This week was chock-full of ups and downs; I recently entered my third trimester and it’s like my body is pretty much crapping out on me. That said, I’m getting super excited for Silas to arrive and it’s hard not to enjoy every (non-physically uncomfortable) moment of pregnancy. 

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