Plan A Spa-Inspired Girls’ Night

Throwing an all-girls, no-boys-allowed bash doesn’t cease to exist past our pre-teen years. In fact, as adults we have a duty to keep our inner kid alive and do so by planning grown up get-togethers that channel our creative wonder. Girls’ night is usually comprised of chick flick marathons, cook-offs, or exploring some type of craft, but the one activity that will never get old is a spa mini-makeover.

I remember being around the ripe old age of eight and having friends over to celebrate my birthday with a spa-themed party. We headed out to the nail salon to get our hands and feet pampered and later turned my kitchen upside down while trying to create fragrant concoctions. This time around, I hope to avoid all the mess but still indulge in the same relaxing treatment. Sending out invitations might be a little juvenile, but I don’t know of a single friend who wouldn’t appreciate a formal invite to girls night with every working of a spa, champagne and all.

But before we get to refreshments, prepare to set the mood. Lighted incense or scented candles and a soothing playlist are both reminiscent of a spa ambiance. I like music with vocals rather than just instrumentals so I suggest downloading Someone Out Of Town by YunaLofticries by Purity Ring, and Wonder by Adventure Club for a more upbeat vibe that doesn’t disturb the tranquil energy. Also, if you are really getting into it, have robes ready for friends to throw on when they arrive.

Now onto beverages and snacks. Have a pitcher ready with iced water and lemon slices or brew herbal tea with milk and honey on the side. Champagne is a must for this kind of party. Lay out a spread of cheese and crackers with dishes of bruschetta and some sort of dip (my favorite is spinach artichoke!). For dessert, do something healthy but sweet and refreshing like lemonade pops with cucumber shavings.

via Family Fresh Cooking

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3 Amazing Cupcake Recipes You HAVE To Make (And Eat)!

Who doesn’t like cupcakes? They are pretty, easy to make and delicious! I have a major sweet tooth and have loved cupcakes since probably before I was born, yet I never had an interest in actually baking some on my own. That is until I created my Pinterest account! Everywhere I looked on Pinterest I found recipes that sounded and looked amazing. All of a sudden I couldn’t wait to try to make some delicious (and pretty!) cupcakes on my own.

At first my cupcakes were not coming out well. They just didn’t taste the way they were supposed to and definitely did not look the way they were supposed to. After throwing out what felt like the hundredth failed cupcake, I finally nailed the cupcake game. These recipes are my go to cupcakes that people always seem to love – I know I do!


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What To Wear In Europe’s Most Fashionable Cities

There are two cardinal rules when it comes to traveling around Europe. Number one is to have the time of your life! Number two is that you should try your best not to look too much like a tourist! After all, when in Rome do as the Romans do!

Wearing European styles will keep you looking fab and help protect you from pick pocketers or scammers who target tourists. Plus, Europeans are so chic, what better time is there to step up your wardrobe game than when you are vacationing abroad!

P A R I S,  F R A N C E 

Parisians are known for their gorgeous and sophisticated street style. You will probably never see someone walking around in a sweatsuit in France. Get glam but stay comfortable to properly spend your days in Parié sightseeing, luxuriating and shopping.

1. Gingham Shell Top | 2. GOAT Exclusive Redgrave Coat | 3. Kate Spade New York Je Ne Sais Quoi Phone Case | 4. Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. Tote Mini | 5. Bobbi Brown Tulip Lip Color | 6. Karen Walker Northern Lights Sunglasses | 7. Tiffany Beads Earrings | 8. Histericks Pointy Toe Flats | 9. Isaac Mizrahi New York Lamis Pump | 10. Minnie Pant

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Get The Look: Bella Thorne’s Summer ‘Seventeen’ Cover

As I picked out a couple of magazines for some casual reading at the beach, I stumbled across this month’s issue of Seventeen. Although I’m older than the intended audience, I love their great taste in cover girls! Bella Thorne’s beach-inspired outfit  really caught my eye, and I immediately wanted to know where I could get her look.


Here’s my recreation of Bella’s cover look for the June/July 2014 issue! I also included my go-to spray tan that will give you a quick, easy and long-lasting glow — just like hers!

1. California Waves Striped Bikini  | 2. Shady’s Closet Palm Trees Sweatshirt  | 3. Kershie, Chunky Neon Necklace| 4. Neutrogena MicroMist Airbrush Sunless Tan  | 5. Lauren Klein Silver Hamsa Hand Macrame Bracelet in Black  | 6. Forever 21 Faux Stone Bangle Set  | 7.  Sparkling Sage Cabochon Stretch Ring  | 8. Vintage Hollywood Green Red Tassel Chain Bracelet

12 Easy Sack Dresses For Summer

Even though the summer solstice has passed, the sun and heat of the summer is still in full swing! That means that my favorite part of these wonderful months is still around: the sack dress.

I know the term “sack dress” sounds pretty unattractive, but it is, hands down, my favorite article of clothing. A sack dress is a loose-fitting dress that, on the hanger, looks like a sack. But on a person, it does magical things. Sack dresses are perfect for summer simply for the ability to play with proportions! A shorter and loose dress means over-the-knee socks and fun sandals. The longer sack dress means a cropped sweater or jacket thrown on top.

Whatever the length, this variety in proportions leads to an incredibly dynamic outfit. What else do you need for summer? Enough with the over-styled, over-accessorized looks I’ve been seeing this season, give the sack dress a try;you’d be amazed at how the simplicity and alternative proportion can lead to a wonderfully chic look!

via Awkward Girls 

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Create Your Own Organization Binder

The other day, while trying to understand the abstract work of art that are the scribbles in my monthly planner, it occurred to me that I should keep an organization binder to better separate my to-do list. But then I thought, why stop at a customized calendar? I designed a fitness log, travel checklist, groceries checklist and later, for the purposes of this blog, a monthly budget and chore chart for kids or adults (download all five PDF files below). Each one is universal for most gym-goers and jet-setters, however, making your own organizational chart, list, and log to match your lifestyle is super easy with Microsoft Word. The next step is to print them out and use a three-hole punch to insert them into a binder. Dividers will come in handy since you can label the tabs according to your organizational need.

Fitness Log (PDF file)

It sounds tedious but a fitness log is a really helpful visual record of your progress and aims. Whether you want to slim down, build muscle, eat cleaner, elevate mood, reduce risk of disease, lower cholesterol, drink more water, or all of the above, writing down your daily meals and activity will make it all the more possible. Consistently keeping track of eating habits and your improvement will encourage drive, promote self control, and bump up your confidence in reaching a specific goal. Establish a target weight and record day-t0-day changes in body measurements throughout the period of time you give yourself to shed pounds. While using an app, such as myfitnesspal, might be more convenient, having physical evidence is a concrete promise to yourself; anything digital can be easily overlooked or deleted. However, download a calorie counter to calculate and document calorie intake and calories burned. Additionally, the Nike+ Running app monitors distance traveled when running outdoors.

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What To Wear Throughout Your Entire Summer Romance!

There is no better season that caters to romance more than the summer time. The heat, warm sun, lazy days and relaxed schedule leaves more time than any other season to really spend time with your boo. These 7 summer date outfit inspirations will keep you looking fab throughout summer love, midnight kisses, shooting stars and secret wishes.

1. ASOS Pretty Swing Dress With Embroidery | 2. Kate Spade New York Small Square Stud Earrings | 3. Rebecca Minkoff Bailey Hobo | 4. Essie Hunter Nail Polish | 5. Madewell The Slide Sightseer Sandal | 6. ALDO Curado Ring Set | 7. Slim Enamel Initial Bangle Bracelet | 8. Michael Kors ‘Bailey’ Bracelet Watch

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