8 Beauty Products To Try This Fall

With fall around the corner, it’s time to start stocking up on the new beauty trends. This fall season, you can be sure to see a lot of fresh faces, nude shadows and berry blushes and lipsticks. Now these products are not just limited to fall—makeup is about freedom so feel free to use these products year round!

1. Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in BauHau5

I’m a complete sucker for packaging and this black studded lipstick is so eye-catching, even before you open up to see the shade. The whole studded kiss lipstick collection is special but this matte deep raspberry color is just too perfect for the fall season. I always hear people say “I can’t pull of a dark color,” but that is not true! Anyone can pull off this lipstick, just be sure to pair it with a simple eye and you’re ready for the fall season.

2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind

An under eye concealer that also highlights will give you that fresh face for fall. Choose two shades lighter then your actual skin tone to create and radiant and refreshed looking eye area. Not only does it cover up fine lines and dark circles, it actually reduces puffiness around the eyes. It is perfect for college students who just don’t get enough sleep!

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7 Tips On Landing An Internship

It’s usually right around April when it happens. Suddenly, all of your classmates and your friends are all scoring the internships of their dreams and have the most glamorous plans for the summer—and you’re left scrambling for opportunities. A similar experience happened to me during the summer after my freshman year. I had been caught up in the wave of finals and packing, and I hadn’t even thought about what I wanted to do during the next few months. All I wanted to do was relax!

But I didn’t know that the problem in the internship world nowadays is that the best internships require previous internship experience (what a paradox). Luckily, I had older and wiser sisters who recommended that I take advantage of the time I had—both during the summer and even during the school year—to make connections and beef up my resume. So, after a lot of research, I managed to score an internship at a small start-up outside of Boston.

via Dormify

The internship changed everything for me. It definitely opened up many opportunities for me last summer, but it helped me to realize what kind of working environments I thrived in (for example, I work best with small teams and deadlines). It also taught me what strengths I had that mattered in the workplace and how to articulate them to future employers in interviews.

I know I don’t need to sing the praises of internships since that is so emphasized on our college campuses as it is. But I do want to share the tips I picked up along the way, so I can help you find your own internship this summer!

1. Start early. 

I usually apply for summer internships in the middle of February at the latest. Medical and business internships may begin their application processes earlier, so if you have your heart set on a company or one of those fields, make sure you are familiar with the deadlines, as they often require recommendation letters that you should ask for well in advance!

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How Social Media Dominated Fashion Week SS15

At the close of  New York Fall Fashion Week, we can clearly see that social media has become a main player in making this once exclusive star-studded week a public event. By engaging fans through various social media channels, the fashion industry has been able to truly popularize the event, now known across the world.

via LiveMichaelKors

The much anticipated Michael Kors Spring 2015 runway show launched on ALL ACCESS KORS, an immersive digital view of the runway show that was held  at Spring Studios in New York City on September 10. Kors mentioned that they want to be able to showcase their runway show with viewers all around the world and make the experience more and more engaging. With the detailed posts, images, videos and a look behind-the-scenes, people were now able to see even more then they normally would at the runway show.

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Tanning Lotions You Will Need After Summer Ends

Being originally from the very sunny Cancun, I’ve realized that I have a constant fear of not being tan. It had never been a problem before (because you couldn’t really help but burn under the blazing sun every day), but it’s a different story in New York. After summer is over, tans fade and we all become pale, cold and cuddly. I have nothing against any of that, but wouldn’t we all rather be golden, glossy and summery forever? I believe so. 

Coconut Mango Bronzing Shimmer Stick

To be honest, more than anything, I love the design of this bottle. It looks like the best Miami summer ever! I also happen to own this shimmer stick and it is incredible. Not only does it give you a golden glow, it also has sparkles, so your legs and arms shine at every angle no matter where the light hits you.

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9 Ear Jackets To Keep Your Ears Warm This Fall

I like to keep my earrings as simple as possible (heavier ones give me a headache and I don’t want longer ones tangled in my hair!), so I was immediately intrigued by ear jackets. These simple posts are a perfect lightweight way to make a statement! I’m loving this look on Cupcakes and Cashmere‘s Emily Schuman:

via Cupcakes and Cashmere

Here are a few of my favorite ear jackets that would be perfect for fall—I’m especially loving all of the pearl accessories for the upcoming season, and an ear jacket is a perfect way to add a little edge to this classic piece… 

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A Runway-Classy Halloween

I will not lie and tell you that I didn’t pull the “I’m a bunny!” line a few unforgettable Halloweens ago, but it certainly wasn’t my classiest or most creative moment. Being in art school has taught me that there are actually many great ways to dress for this holiday without being mainstream, un-classy or overly silly. I can laugh at some party bunnies, I can enjoy judging mini-skirts, and I truly love overly silly costumes, but I am not the kind of person who can pull off a pumpkin suit. For this reason, and also because of the fact that I never get around to planning my costume, I decided to give myself (and you, of course) some classy yet fabulous costume inspiration:

via Brenda Guerra

1. Go Vintage

There is nothing more chic than vintage. If you live in Brooklyn, you might just look like you’re going to class, but if you’re from anywhere else, it’s a fun and very fashionable choice! You’ll look different but not out of place, so if you’re a bit shy about dressing up –like me– it’s basically perfect. My inspiration for this idea came from a series of polaroids I saw the other day of my mom in her teens; she looked gorgeous and so stylish! No wonder vintage is coming back!

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What You Need To Throw A Football Gameday Party

It’s officially football season which means fall is coming, tailgating is just around the corner, and football parties are to be planned. Whether you will be planning a collegiate themed party or rooting for your favorite NFL team, I have some of the yummiest food and drinks and most creative decor you could dream of to throw the ultimate football themed party.

T H E  F O O D

In order to have a successful party, make sure there is a range of food to cater to your guests. Have the basics covered from junk food such as chips and dip, to healthier options for the health conscious people. You can never go wrong with some BBQ’d hotdogs while the weather is still nice, plus finger foods are always great and keep you from cleaning dishes later.

1. Football Bites | 2. Seven Layer Dip | 3. Football Helmet | 4. Sandwich Skewers | 5. Football Pizza | 6. Cheesy Football | 7. Football Chili Hot Dog | 8. Football Deviled Eggs

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