Food In The Air

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Disclaimer: do not read this post on an empty stomach. You’ve been warned.

I love looking at pictures of food almost as much as I love eating food. Food porn, as it’s commonly referred to, is a compilation of drool-worthy pictures that are guaranteed to make your stomach growl, and completely jealous of the person behind the lens who gets to eat said food. I’ve come to rely on certain Instagram accounts to get my daily fix of food porn. Luckily for you, I’m willing to share my favorite accounts! Read on, lovelies.

Greek Gyro

via Food In The Air

Food In The Air, FITA for short, is just that. Four sisters created this Instagram account by taking pictures of their food in the “air” against a scenic background. The idea is cute, fun and a nice way to capture beautiful foods around the world.


via The Infatuation

I’m sure you’ve seen the #EEEEEATS hashtag on Instagram by now. Well, The Infatuation is the creator of that salivating hashtag. The thing I love about this account is that they not only post their own original pictures, but also pictures taken by fans (using the hashtag) in roundup posts like “breakfast #eeeeeats” and “#eeeeeats approved” and so on.

Pink Doughnuts

via Vickie Liu

I get my sweets fix from Vickie Liu’s account (instagram handle: @vickiee_yo) and according to her bio she’s an “amateur baker” but judging from her pictures she’s anything but amateur. Most of her pictures are taking from above and they are visually stunning. I particularly love her use of color and adorable, edible creations. Her pictures are staged in a simplistic way, which really makes the food pop.


via Food52

I can’t even handle the food styling that goes on at Food52. It’s not only gorgeous, but also sophisticated. Food52 is a community for aspiring cooks to come together and share their favorite recipes and ideas. Their motto is “how you eat is how you live” and I couldn’t agree more!

In N Out Burger

via Hungry Grls

Hungry Grls is a great account for scrolling through pictures of all different types of food. I also happen to love their fun and witty captions. Nom nom.

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts?