Summer is upon us, which is the perfect time to switch to all-natural beauty products. Your pores are constantly open from the heat and absorbing everything that you put on your skin, which is eventually absorbed into your bloodstream. As a makeup artist, I like what I put on my skin to be harm-free. Another thing that's great about natural beauty products is that they are really good about not making you look like you're wearing a mask, but instead enhance your natural beauty. Here are some of my must-have all natural beauty products for summer!

1. For me, tinted moisturizer is a must have during the summer months because it subtly evens out skin tone, provides lightweight hydration and usually has some sort of sun protection. This all-natural version from Eminence touts an SPF of 25 and I love that it contains aloe which is so soothing to overheated summer skin!

2. I absolutely LOVE a good mascara, but smudging and flaking drives me up a wall — I have really bad dark circles and these mascara woes make me look even more tired. Unfortunately, during the humid summer months it's really hard to avoid smudgey mascara, especially one of the all-natural variety. Luckily Tarte makes a wonderful waterproof mascara that also lengthens, curls and conditions your lashes!

3. I'm a lip balm addict... the kind that you'll see reapplying over and over even when the last application hasn't even worn off! While plain lip balm was a day-to-day "lip color" for me for many years, I'm noticing that as I near my 30's, my complexion really benefits from a little bit of color on my lips. I am a huge Tata Harper fan and her Be Adored lip balm is the perfect subtle summer color!

4. I have to be super low maintenance with my hair in the summer because even the slightest percentage of humidity causes my hair to frizz like crazy, and any heat styling I've done gets completely obliterated. A great way to care for your hair during summer months is to let it air dry (also, who wants to use a ton of hot tools when it's scorching outside?) and tossing it in a cute braided style. This calming and soothing green tea conditioning mist is perfect for spritzing on damp hair before air drying!

5. The thought of slathering lotion all over my body on a hot, sticky day gives me the heebie jeebies... Eminence Organics Aloe Mint Hydrating Cream Gel is an amazing alternative to moisturizing, and will leave you feeling totally refreshed from head to toe. I love that it also works wonders on sunburns too!!

6. Everyone looks good with a little color on their cheeks, and I especially love a beautiful coral. It's truly flattering on everyone. I am absolutely obsessed with RMS lip2cheek in Smile because the texture melts right into the skin and blends beautifully, giving a gorgeous summery glow.

7. Of course, we need to protect our skin every day. I have searched high and low for good all-natural sunscreens (most conventional kinds are packed full of unsavory ingredients that are probably more harmful for you than the sun's rays!), and the Badger Organic Sunscreen Base with Zinc Oxide is the winner. This five ingredient sunscreen absorbs into the skin quickly and I find that it really protects.

8. While a little sun does wonders for my complexion, unfortunately it doesn't seem to do too much for those pesky aforementioned dark circles. A lightweight, brightening under eye concealer like Jane Iredale's active light is the perfect texture for summer months and is really incredible at knocking out under eye darkness.

What are some of your summer beauty must haves?