As a California girl who goes to college on the east coast, the warm weather has me excited for my favorite season --summer! To me warm weather means beach trips and laying out by the pool, wearing very little clothing because it’s 100 degrees. Summer means bright colors and fun effortless style.

Shorts are the move for a cute bikini cover-up on your way to the beach, but often I feel shorts are too short or not that comfortable. Not this summer. A new style of easy, relaxed fit, cotton shorts that fit any body type are here, and Australian boutique websites have American girls wanting more of this "pompom" shorts trend. They are light, breathable, and most have elastic waists, almost like cute girl boxers. They come in many fun designs, but the best part is, they have pompom fringes!

images via Urban Outfitters, ebay, Muraboutique

I found my first pair of pompom shorts at a boutique I frequent in New York, and fell in love with them the second I tried them on. As soon as the weather finally hit above 65 degrees, I wore them and have worn them almost every day since. Now popular stores like Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Shopbop, Forever21 and Revolve Clothing all carry pompom shorts. Etsy is also a great place to get them custom made.

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Pompom shorts come in all different colors and patterns, and my advice is to go for the more fun patterns! I wear a simple white tank with mine or dress it up with a nice white shirt and a fun bandeau.

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Pompom shorts come in two different styles, and I prefer the ones that have folds on the sides. They are just more breathable and can be worn multiple ways as a low riding pair of shorts, or high waisted with a cute crop top. Girls on the street have even complimented me on my pompom shorts and then asked where they could find their own. They're a great addition to any girl's summer closet, and buying one pair will leave you wanting more!

Would you try this trend?