There is nothing more frustrating than chipping, breaking or smudging nails after only a few days (or hours) since your last manicure. It seems like it is even harder to preserve a mani during the summer because of extra time spent in the sun and water! Here are a few tips to keep your manicures looking great for longer.

1. Keep your nails short and circular. Long nails are more likely to break or chip than shorter lengths, plus the circular shape is very easy to maintain.

2. Don’t soak your finger tips in water. Although resting your extremities in a bowl of warm water feels great, the water actually causes cuticles to swell. After your fingers dry the cuticles constrict and go back to normal causing your freshly painted polish to loosen against the nail.

3. Bring your own nail polish to the nail salon. If you are getting your nails done at your local manicurist you may run the risk of using watered down nail polish. When polish is watered down your manicures lifespan is significantly lessened and is therefore more prone to bubbling, peeling and chipping.

4. Use a sticky base coat. The base polish creates a better canvas for the nail polish to adhere to. Colors last longer and look better when a thick base coat is applied before the polish.

5. Cover the full nail with topcoat. It is important not to skip topcoat after your manicure is complete. Topcoat will seal the polish in and protect it. For super secure nails, make sure you apply topcoat to the tips of your fingernail. This will prevent your polish from chipping while partaking in day to day activities. (Like texting!)

Lovelies, do you have any manicure tricks?

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