Love the summer, but don’t like the heat? Here are some simple tips to keep yourself cool and refreshed during those hot months.

1. Fruits are a girl’s best friend when the hot and humid air hits during July and August. I love making smoothies at home, and some of my favorite mixes include strawberries, pineapple and mango. Watermelon, kiwi and berries are also hydrating fruits on a hot summer day. With a few fresh fruits, you can make an easy and refreshing snack to enjoy during the summer!

2. After going on an alternative spring break trip to Haiti, I learned the importance of drinking liquids with electrolytes. Normally, sports-energy products such as Gatorade contain electrolytes to prevent you from becoming dehydrated, but coconut water and cucumber juice will help to keep you hydrated and healthy! These natural juices often contain electrolytes, as well as essential vitamins and nutrients. I definitely recommend keeping a green juice on hand, especially if you’re planning on spending a long time outdoors!

3. As the temperatures rise, exercising outdoors can become very difficult, even for some of the most experienced runners. Waking up early for a morning jog can help to beat the heat while the air is still cool from the evening. Even signing up for a gym membership or dance class can help you to exercise without feeling the hot air outdoors. Last year, I took an indoor zumba class and it was one of the best exercises!

4.  White is one of the trendiest colors to wear during the summer — not only does it look great, but it keeps you cool! Since darker garments often absorb heat from the sun, its more comfortable to wear tops and dresses in lighter colors. I also love loose-fitting shorts in bright patterns for the summer!  They create a cute and flowy look!

5. Beaches, pools and lakes are some of the most popular places to be during the summer dipping yourself in water can help to balance your body’s temperature throughout the day. Even taking a cold shower is a quick and easy way to feel refreshed during the humid months. Love the water? Grab a towel, umbrella and sunglasses and head over to your local beach!

Lovelies, do you have any tips on keeping yourself cool during the summer?

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