Flat irons make styling your hair quick and easy. They are a great tool to use to not only achieve straight and sleek hair, but other pretty hairstyles as well. Here's how to create three cute hairstyles with a flat iron... 

To achieve beachy waves without the beach, braid several sections of your hair separately. Slowly run your flat iron over each individual braid several times. Spray each braid with hairspray before unraveling it and gently tossing the hair with your fingers. Spritz a little sea salt texturizing spray on your hair to complete the look.

Use your flat iron to create a hair style that looks like a blow out without the hassle. Section your hair into three different sections: a top section, a middle section, and a bottom section. Starting with the bottom section of your hair pull the hair upwards, lifting the roots and slightly curling hair around the iron at the end of the hair. Repeat with the middle and top hair sections. Rub a quarter sized amount of hair wax along the roots of your hair and to smooth the top layers of hair to finish your blow out look.

You can also use your hair iron to create soft bouncy curls. Simply start by pulling each section of hair away from your head with your flat iron and stopping at the end of your hair. Next wrap the rest of your strand around the iron and roll it up towards your scalp. Hold the rolled strand in the iron for about a minute and then gently unclamp the iron and release the hair. Repeat until your whole head is surrounded by bouncy curls and secure the curly style with hairspray.

Lovelies, what is your favorite way to use your hair iron? Are you going to try these styles? 

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