Some days, no matter how much time and effort you put into your hairstyle, the weather just will not cooperate causing your hair to poof, kink, fuzz and frizz! However, these easy hairstyles will help keep you cool and keep the frizz at bay!

High ponytails are an easy way to keep hair off your face and looking good no matter what weather you are experiencing. Avoid using a brush to put your hair up and instead rake your fingers through your hair, pulling your hair back as you go. Fly aways can be tucked behind your ears and held in place by with hairspray.

A simple braid can pull a whole look together quickly and keep hair looking neat all day long. Regular braids, french braids and fishtails look great on their own either braided from top to bottom in your hair or pinned halfway through. Bobby pins are your braids’ best friend! If you experience any loose hairs or fly aways just pin the strand the way you like it. Braids also look great when they are pulled into a ponytail or bun! Here is a great website with braid inspiration and step by step instruction on how to get unique braided styles.

Buns are my go to hairstyle choice not only for humid days, but also on lazy days and even for fancy occasions! You can easily pile your hair on top of your head and secure it with a hair band to create a casual messy bun using hair pins to secure any rebellious hair strands. You can also twist your hair into a bun using a hot bun available at CVS for $9.99 or a sock bun available at Forever 21 for only $1 for a neater and more put together look. Just use hairspray to avoid any fly aways and tada you will never have a bad hair day because of the weather again! 

Lovelies, do you think these styles help tame frizzy hair on humid days? Which style is your favorite?

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