Ever dream of being a mermaid? Well, It's totally possible... if you want to live in Spring Hill, Florida.

The mermaids of Weeki Wachee Spring first opened in 1947. Women from across the world applied for the coveted 35 mermaid positions. Today, they still perform their theatrical and acrobatic shows 7 days a week. The job is still just as desirable as ever, and most of their mermaids are part-time and college students!

I think every little girl goes through a mermaid phase. I did. I still kind of am... all I want is mermaid hair. If I had known that this was a job when I was a kid, I probably would have taken a different path in life. Performing as a mermaid, swimming gracefully with my amazing hair, living every little girl's dream.

I love these photos of the mermaids taken by Annie Collinge. Just Beautiful. Little girls everywhere, rejoice, you CAN be a mermaid when you grow up.

[via wired]

Editors Note: This post was originally posted in April of 2012, but people really seemed to enjoy it so I thought I'd share it again!