Right now my hair is probably halfway down my upper arm, so it's past the medium length style but not quite long yet. My hair is fine and thin, so the more I think about it, the less I think it looks good. Plus, I always find myself putting my hair in a pony-tail anyways. So I have been thinking about chopping it all off in the spirit of the warm weather gods and chic fashion statements. Here's some favorite short hair styles I'm loving!

I think what's great about all of these hairstyles is their ability to frame the face, as well as keep some serious volume! One of my big fears with cutting off a lot of hair would be that I wouldn't have that same fluff I can get with a half an hour and a curling iron. Although, I don't know about you ladies, but I could really use some help with regards to curling hair! It is not easy! Anyways, having short hair looks like fun, and all of these celebs have been able to pull it off.

Short hair can be versatile, too, but make sure if you like to have your hair in a pony-tail that you can still do so!

What are your favorite short looks? Thinking about cutting off some inches for the summer? 

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