Nothing goes better with sunshine than a tall, cold glass of iced tea. Try these five iced tea recipes for the perfect drink to help you enjoy the day.

As much as I love fancy teas, sometimes you just want the original. Try this Classic Iced Tea recipe from A Sweet Muddle for a simple drink that's simply delicious.

Try this Iced Raspberry Green Tea Limeade recipe from Kitchen Treaty for a fruity and refreshing iced drink. I'm usually more of a black tea drinker, but this sweet and tart iced green tea sounds perfect for sunny spring days.

I'm anxious to try this Orange and Mint Iced Tea from Everyday Musing this season. I would never have thought to mix citrus and mint, but this iced tea sounds like the perfect way to keep cool and refreshed when you're spending the day in the sun.

This Peach Iced Tea recipe from Number 2 Pencil sounds like a simple and delicious treat to make your day just peachy (sorry, I had to).

All the spices that are used in chai tea are some of my favorite flavors to incorporate into fall and winter foods. The cinnamon and nutmeg always hit the spot when there's a chill in the air but mixed with a classic tropical flavor like coconut, there is some serious springtime potential here. I can't wait to try this Iced Coconut Chai Tea recipe from Sweet Roots!

What's your favorite kind of iced tea, Lovelies? Do you brew your own?

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