If you're looking for a way to look tan without going to the beach or using a self-tanner, your best bet is to use a bronzing powder. Bronzers are perfect for making you look sun-kissed without actually being out in the sun. Bronzers look great on any skin tone and will instantly make you look stunning. Check out my picks of bronzing powders after the jump...

The easiest way to get that beautiful glow is to use a bronzer. Bronzers should be applied where the sun naturally hits your face like your cheeks, forehead and the bridge of your nose. Do not apply too much and just gently blend it on your face with your brush. You want the brown color to look natural, not forced. Also don't forget to apply bronzer to your neck and your chest if you will be showing these areas. Try out some of the bronzers below for the ultimate face glow:

Shop the bronzers:

1. Nyx Matte Bronzer

2. VS Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder

3. Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder

4. Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

5. Nars Bronzing Powder

6. Bobby Brown Bronzing Powder

Lovelies, what's your favorite bronzer?

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