Traditional wallpaper is messy, sticky and hard to work with. It is also permanent, well, not totally, but it is a long process to take down and leaves your walls beyond sloppy (think taking off gel nails without pre-soaking). Wallpaper really is not worth the hassle. Unfortunately, that means losing out on some really cool wallpaper and interior design opportunities.

Luckily, recent years have given birth to removable wallpaper. Removable wallpaper is great when you live in apartments that restrict painting or just have commitment issues when it comes to decorating.

The best part about using removable wallpaper, however, is that it offers you so many opportunities. You can go all out, covering an entire room, or focus on one to create an accent wall, you can line drawers or even adhere it to furniture. Most of the removable wallpaper available is vinyl with an adhesive back, so the opportunities are bountiful.

Below are some of my favorite removable wallpapers courtesy of some great Etsy sellers.

Betapet Arrows Wallpaper $36-74

Kate Zaremba Company Pinstripe Floral Wallpaper $54

Wallplays Chevron Pink and Grey Wallpaper $34

Betaprint Animal Spot Pattern Print Wallpaper $36

Kate Zarembra Company Sails Print Geometric Pattern $12

Pat Print by Amy Star Flower Pattern Wallpaper $36

Betapet Chevron Pattern Print $36

Will you try out the removable wallpaper?

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