Start pulling out your linen tunics, cotton skirts and sandals — spring has arrived! You also might want a new scent to accent all the lovely scents that will be floating through breezes! Check out my favorites for this spring...

Daisy Eau So Fresh: You'll feel like you're in an open meadow filled with sunshine when you put this perfume on. It's a more playful version of the original Daisy, which makes it great for March, April and May.

Versace Yellow Diamond: This perfume will stop you in tracks for its vivacious tones and striking light that it creates. Yellow Diamond has notes of orange blossom and light freesia. Wonderful!

Roses de Chloé: This scent is a little lighter than the original, thanks to hints of bergamot and followed by Damascana rose. I love the original Chloé, but this perfume is perfect for a lighthearted day filled with sunshine and flower petals.

Dolce & Gabbana: Described by Vogue as being "intensely feminine," this perfume is a mixture of white floral scents that is a new experiment on their previous perfumes. It's as intricate as all of their beautiful gowns!

Elie Saab L'Eau Couture: Created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, Couture emanates white florals and almond scents at first, then sinks into orange blossom and vanilla. It's as elegant as a princess gown!

Lovelies, do you love floral scents for spring?

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