Leighton Meester has spectacular skin and I am so jealous. I've gotten really good at applying just enough make up to look like I'm not wearing any, but there is quite a bit of mineral powder involved. My skin is prone to dark circles and spots, so most of my morning routine is conceal, conceal, conceal. Either these ladies have acquired the same 'make-up to look like no make-up' skill, or they just have naturally beautiful complexions.

I fall into the category of girls who enjoy seeing pictures of celebrities without make-up. Not because I need to feel better about myself as a non-celeb, but because it's just kind of fun to see the 'girl next door' instead of the 'it-girl' for a change. Sometimes they genuinely look more beautiful make-up free.

Here are some celebrity ladies I think are just as lovely without all the extra face paint.

Do you ever go out totally make-up free or do you have one product that you just can't leave the house without?

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