Juicing is a great way to ensure you get more nutrients, without overloading on sugar found in prepared drinks, but it is expensive, even if you invest in a juicer. Infused waters are a delicious (quick and easy) alternative when you want a flavored drink without overloading on sugar. There are nearly an infinite number of combinations you can make to infuse your water, but with so many possibilities, it can be overwhelming. Below are a few recipes that will get your taste buds tingling and hopefully inspire some original recipes. 

Orange, Lemon, Cranberries This is a little like Thanksgiving meets water; sweet and a little tart.

Watermelon and Rosemary It may seem odd to put a water filled fruit in your water, but the combination of watermelon and rosemary is both fresh and surprising.

Elderberry Flower and Mint A floral flavor may seem off putting, but the elderflower is light and balanced by the mint.

Coconut Green Water Do not just limit yourself to traditional water, add an extra layer of interest by using coconut water. This recipe also includes lemon, cucumber, ginger and parsley.

Have you tried infused waters?

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