Recently I have been admiring the oh so collegiate stringed lights. They're another versatile item that have caught my eye, for their quick and easy ambiance. And the best part is, you can buy them anywhere, any time of year!

Besides this room being entirely adorable, the stringed lights with the sheer curtain accents the rest of the room by highlighting the pillows and posters. Perfect, easy DIY project.

Here's another interesting idea: hanging a number of printed photos and then lining them with stringed lights. This would make for a great wall art idea, and is also easily done in a dorm room environment, where many times students pin tons of photos to their walls anyway!

Lanterns, string lights and bare branches? Probably the best combination ever.

I'd really love to do something like this. These string lights have larger bulbs, and they seem to be strung as though they were outside, providing light for an outdoor patio of a restaurant. Plus, the rest of the room's design is amazing.

Getting a set of extended icicle lights is a great way to add some ambiance for a romantic dinner, or for a party with friends! Putting them in front of a window creates a logical space for them, and again you could try a sheer curtain behind as well.

Lovelies, do you have any string lights in your home?

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