When I find things I like, I tend to obsess over them quite a bit. I know that's probably not healthy, but I just love them so much I want to spread the word! Check out what I'm currently obsessing over. 

The other day a coworker did my brows and I was so happy with the result I could have kissed her. Most of the time I put an ashy-brown in my brows, but something about my skin still tends them to turn them pretty warm which can tend to look pretty obvious. My coworker tried putting Bobbi Brown's Steel Eye Shadow in my brows instead and it turned out to work on my brows perfectly. It didn't look grey at all, just like the neutral-brown that my brows are.  Anyone who is having a hard time finding a match for their brows, I definitely suggest trying a neutral grey!

One of my biggest pregnancy cravings has been protein and mostly in the form of tacos and burgers. I love living around the corner from a Bareburger because they help me satisfy my craving without feeling overly guilty - all of the ingredients are organic and they have plenty of gluten-free options.

Sundays are a big deal to me now because I'm obsessed with True Detective — or should I say obsessed with Matthew McConnaughey in True Detective. And by that I do mean the young version of his character (his older version is a bit grizzly). Man, he may be depraved but he is oh, so steamy hot. I have to admit that in the past, this big-name actor actually totally gave me the creeps, but there is just something about him in this character. Maybe it's the hair...

Or maybe it's (definitely) the bod.

Yowza! (Sorry if you're reading, Paul!)

I mentioned this in my favorite products post, but as this is a newer purchase I just cant stop obsessing over it! Monoi Tahiti Tiare oil in Pitate is a Jasmine scented coconut oil with vitamin E that reminds me of the impending spring and summer. I love slathering it all over my expanding mid-section.

Lovelies, what are you currently obsessing over?

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