Illegally downloaded music has been a part of the music industry for over a decade and at one point or another everybody seems to have partaken in it. Even if you always pay for music, I am sure you have browsed your friend’s music and copied some of it to add to your own collection. And while it may seem like musicians are as rich as ever, those success stories are only a small fraction of the many people attempting to make a living as a musician, most are still struggling.

Unfortunately, paying for something that you know you could just as easily find for free is hard to justify, no matter how long your conscious may be. Luckily, Noise Trade, a website I recently discovered (although it began several years ago), has found a solution that settles your conscious and saves you some money.

Noise Trade has an entire library of music from musician you many know or not know that downloads in seconds at a price you choose. While they are not the first to use this model to pay for music, they have an unbeatable selection and easy to use interface. Beyond the moral benefits I feel when using Noise Trade, I love hunting for and discovering new artists or finding music I never new existed from some of my favorite, more established musicians. I also love the pride I get in finding a musician before they get really big or introducing friends to a great new band. Here are some of my favorite artists I have discovered on Noise Trade.

The Oh Hellos

Paper Lights

Said The Whale

The Native Sibling

Blitzen Trapper

Where do you download music?

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