It's easy to spend a ton of money on your lunch break when you're not planning ahead. If you're looking to eat a little better and save some time and money on your lunch break, here are some really easy options (like this Greek salad recipe via From The Kitchen)... 

I love these easy vegetarian lunch ideas via Love & Lemons! The smashed avocado and sunflower seed pita looks especially delicious, and all of these can easily be prepared the night before!

Mark and I make fried rice about three times a week. We will typically switch it up and rotate the proteins between chicken, tofu or extra egg. It's so easy to make and the leftovers are even better, if you ask me. Try this recipe via Table For Two.

This turkey avocado wrap recipe via Eat Life Whole is a great healthy option for lunch. Just make sure to watch out for the deli turkey — it sounds healthy, but a lot of options out there are packed with preservatives and sodium.

These vegan Caesar lettuce wraps via Edible Perspective look amazing! If you have a cast iron skillet, it takes less than 10 minutes to brown the tofu — you could make it the night before or even make it before work in the morning.

Which recipe is your favorite? Do you pack a lunch throughout the week?