My drink selection has always been highly limited, the carbonation of soda hurts my throat, juice is too sweet and milk was my own childhood enemy. My picky taste in drinks is slightly ironic considering my love for almost everything edible, but it has also led me to discover some of the best teas around. Tea is great because no matter the season it always satisfies; warming you up on a cold day or quenching your thirst in the summer heat. Here are some of my must-try teas!

All of the companies noted below have many more teas to try. If you are curious, I advise ordering a sampler set, this way you can discover your own favorites!

1. Spiced Masala Chai I love a great chai, the flavors are layered and complex, different from every company. Mark T. Wendell offers one of my favorite chai blends on the market.

2. Blue Flower Earl Grey This tea has just a hint of floral so you get a taste, but do feel like you are drinking perfume. This is the tea I drink almost daily, I never tire of it. Townshead Tea Company

3. Moroccan Mint I have always loved the refreshing taste of mint tea, but nothing matches the taste of Moroccan mint tea. My half Moroccan friend that introduced me to this a few years ago and it smelt so good that I could not resist a scalding taste. Unfortunately I have never been able to have the real thing from Morocco, but American Tea Room must have

4. White Spicy Peach I find white teas are often too light and no matter how long they steep, do not achieve enough flavor. This is an exception, with both peachy and spicy notes. Davidson's Tea has a great version to try.

5. Pu-erh Ginger To me, ginger is one of the best flavors of all time, unfortunately, it is underutilized. This tea is totally and completely ginger. I discovered the Rishi Tea blend at a local coffee shop have since been obsessed.

6. Mango Black Iced Tea There is no need to add sweetness to this tea, the notes of mango give it a tropical lightness that I always crave in the summer. I also love the kick of caffeine from the black tea. My favorite blend comes from Adagio.

Lovelies, how do you take your tea? 

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