This was one of those old Pinterest crafts that I had left for a long time to sit in the archives. I'm sure some of you Lovelies can relate to that! Then, I finally got around to it on a rainy day. And I am so pleased with how mine turned out! Here's a breakdown of how to make this lace dreamcatcher — and it was very easy!

What you'll need:

*I went to Joann's craft store for all my supplies, but any craft store should have all the supplies you will need!

Wooden Needle Point Ring: size is up to you! Mine was 8 inches.

Doily: Doesn't have to be made of lace, can be linen, or whatever you are desiring! Get a doily of a size that will fit inside your ring accordingly.

Feathers: Of any colors that pleases you. I wanted earth tone feathers to appear more natural, so mine are brown and white.

String: Three or more bundles of white hemp cord. Try to make sure it doesn't feel waxy if you are trying to go for a similar look to these pictures! I made another dreamcatcher for my best friend for christmas, and for hers I wound up using plain old hemp cord- waxiness included. And it turned out fine! You have a lot of freedom with this project, so don't feel like you need to get exactly all the same things!

Beads: I found an area in the bead section where there were strings of beads, already put together. I bought a turquoise looking one and a blue china design looking strand.

Lace: there was another section of the store that had a wide variety of ribbons and fancy strings. I picked up some lace, and also a couple other strings.

Other Items To Think About: With dreamcatchers, you can add on things as your life goes on, making it a visual scrapbooks of sorts. The image above has some sea glass and other kinds of rock looking items. I found a small flower and tied it into mine later, and now it's dried out but still beautiful! Sea shells, individual beads… the sky is the limit!

How to create your dreamcatcher:

1. Wrap the hemp cord all the way around the ring, circling closely together so there are no gaps of wood peaking through.

2. Cut a short piece of string, and make a loop by tying it together. Then loop this through your designated top of the dreamcatcher and loop it again through itself to make a hook for later.

3. Open one of your packs of string, and tie it to the top of your loom. Get your doily, and stick your string through one of the edges, then back up to the ring.

4. Continue to loop through the edge of the doily, and back around the edge of the ring until you have covered all the edges of your doily. You'll have to start pulling the string tighter as you go, because there will be some slack as you continue on.

5. Once you have finished, cut your string and tie a knot around the ring. Cut the excess string.

THE FUN PART (Well, it's all fun, isn't it?)

1. Tie feathers with string around the edge of the ring on opposing sides of your dream catcher.

2. Go crazy with your attachments at the bottom! Like I said earlier, this is all about artistic freedom– your dreamcatcher should in some way represent you! I made my strands on the outside shorter than on the inside, and in the middle very long. But I had many differing lengths, to give a layered look. I tied feathers and beads to the string, and also had many strands that were simply to fill up some space.

3. Continue filling in your dreamcatcher to your heart's content!

Now you have your very own, very cool dream catcher!

Lovelies, are you interested in doing this craft?

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