This week, Jimmy Fallon begins what I hope will be a long run hosting The Tonight Show on NBC. I'm a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon, and I'm so excited and proud that this former Saturday Night Live star and Late Night host has been given this coveted position. Though I'm mostly excited because he's on TV earlier now, and I'm less likely to fall asleep during his opening monologue. In honor of Jimmy Fallon's first week at the helm of The Tonight Show, I've compiled a list of some of the many reasons I love him and why you should too. #IloveyouJimmy #FalPalforlife

1. His laugh is infectious

Jimmy is so funny he often makes himself laugh. During his opening monologue, when he's interviewing guests, or talking with the other members of his show, Jimmy is always finding something to laugh about. He was even guilty of this during his stint on SNL, frequently breaking character and letting out a laugh at his own antics. Whenever Jimmy makes himself laugh, I can't help but laugh too. It's actually the cutest thing ever. If you don't believer me check out this clip and try not to smile when Jimmy laughs. It's impossible.

2. He's not afraid to get weird

Unlike his other late night talk show contemporaries, Jimmy Fallon has no qualms about making a fool of himself. Instead of just delivering jokes and interviewing guests, he's always doing some crazy skit that involves a complete wardrobe change or playing a game that inevitably ends with him being doused in liquid or in physical pain. That's what makes him so refreshing and why NBC is hoping he can rejuvenate The Tonight Show. Watch Jimmy get hilariously weird here.

3. He is more than a comedian

Jimmy is an extremely funny guy (duh) but his comedy is so much than a standup routine. He is not only a gifted joke-teller, he's also a talented guitarist (he won a grammy for his comedy album), he sings, he does killer impressions, and he can dance. He's basically a walking variety show, so you never know what you're going to get when you tune in to his show. But you can be sure it will be funny (like this clip).

4. He's the cutest new dad ever

Jimmy has a six-month-old daughter, Winnie, with his wife of seven years. After struggling to have a baby, Jimmy has shown how grateful and thrilled he is to finally be a dad. When he talks about his daughter it is hands down the most adorable thing ever. Watch this clip and try not to get emotional.

5. He is endlessly humble

It is safe to say Jimmy Fallon is a successful guy. He's starred on SNL, he was given a talk show, and now he's hosting the most prestigious show in late night television, but in every instance he seems completely in awe of all the success he has. You can tell from watching and listening to him that he is incredulous about everything that has come his way even though he is more than deserving. Jimmy Fallon is a genuinely humble guy, and that's what makes me love him most of all.

What are your thoughts on Jimmy Fallon's first week at The Tonight Show, Lovelies?

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