In honor of me being knocked out from life and in bed the past two days I decided to create a post to help other sick Lovelies out. When I'm sick the only things I really want are my bed, my mom and to be asleep. But there are other great ideas that can maybe help you feel less gloomy. 

1. Netflix Marathon- Although this might be frowned upon on regular days when you should be up getting things done, when your sick and going to be in bed anyway this is totally acceptable. If you catch up on a season of your favorite show, or even discover a new one you can feel really accomplished and inspired. Plus your not just staring at the ceiling waiting to feel better, and it might take your mind off of how crappy you feel. 

2. A Lush Bath- I am not the biggest fan of baths but when I am sick what sounds better than warm water and really wonderful smelling bath bombs? Lush Cosmetics has amazing bath products to make any sick girl feel a little bit better after a relaxing bath.

3. Sparkling Juice- When your sick all your expected to drink all day long is water, but how boring is that. Juice is also really good for you when your sick and when you have the stomach bug (like poor old me) anything bubbly is going to help you feel a little better. So, when my mom came home with sparkling apple raspberry juice for me I was so delighted. It helps to hydrate you with 100% juice (and tastes a little bit better than water) while also settling your stomach with the carbonation. 

4. Fresh Air- Even if this means just cracking the window in your room a little, fresh air can make you feel a whole lot better. Being cooped up in your room all day makes you feel even more groggy. If you are feeling up to it try to even go outside and walk around for a little, maybe this just means going to get the mail or taking your dog for a little walk.

What are your remedies to make you feel better when your sick Lovelies?

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