Your bedroom should be the most relaxing, comforting, you place in the world. It should be hard to tare yourself out of your bed in the morning and the only place you want to be after a long day of work, school and life. If you are anything like me though, you are never done making your bedroom better; you always have an open space on a wall or an unorganized desk that just needs some time and one of your hundreds of ideas to make it perfect.

But, if you really are like me, motivation is hard to come by. I mean, there is work, school, life, so many other things to deal with and convincing yourself to make an effort is asking a lot from yourself. Instead of continuing the cycle of overly ambitious projects and then abandonment, I have started making over my room slowly, with simple (and inexpensive!) steps that have made more of an impact than I thought they would.

1. Replace your closet door with a curtain Taking your doors, depending on what kind they are may be a bit challenging and require some help from a friend, but once they are off you will realize how open your room instantly feels. Before hanging the curtain, you need to install the tension rod, which should be thick and sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the curtain. A pattern is more of a statement, but a solid will look just as nice.

2. Fill your bed with pillows My bed is basically covered in pillows at this point and I love it, it is like having two beds, a normal one and an extra fluffy one. Take this chance to add some new colors and patterns to your room and combine different sizes and shapes for even more variation.

3. Soften your lighting with string lights A little dim light is nice, an alternative to all the harsh lights of every day. I know a lot of people just use string lights, but this technique, using a thin curtain wrapped around creates an even softer light and a more unique look. If you want to try an even different look, use a colored curtain.

4. Organize all your electronics Cords can get tangled, messy and damaged when left to roam your room. It depends on the space and your aesthetic, but I like these simple little clips. Other methods I have seen are reused shoe boxes with cutouts, drawer organizers and paper clips, whatever it is, finding a place for all your power cords and cables is more of a necessity than an option.

5. Paint a cork board and mount for small keepsakes You can easily find cork board in 12x12 squares at a hardware store or Target and just put them up, but painting them a single color or design will make them pop and look like something before they are filled with your favorite scraps of paper, cards and whatever else you can pin to them.

Do you have any tips?

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