Being a travel lover, I am really interested in maps and globes. They hold a lot of information and really show just how big our world is! I love having them around in my home, and I am so excited to try this craft. In no time you will have a one-of-a-kind piece of home decor! 

If you follow my other DIY posts, you know I love using chalkboard paint! It’s just so cool looking and it’s super practical because you can have a little chalkboard for reminders in multiple rooms. And they make good presents too since we all could use a little help remembering things! The chalkboard painted globe would be such an awesome addition to any room and it’s really something you don’t see often. Guests are sure to notice! All you have to do it find an old globe, get some chalkboard paint and go!

My favorite is definitely this concept of painting on a good quote. It will serve as an art piece in your home and it will be even more lovely to have knowing that you created it! Find a good travel quote online (Pinterest has plenty!) and put it on there so that every time you walk by you can be inspired.

If you don’t want to have the many colors of a globe clashing with your existing home decor, you can always make it uniform by painting it in with solid colors. I really love the simple black for the continents and a light blue for the oceans because it tones down the colorfulness and makes it look more elegant. The gold script is another nice touch and you can, again, write an awesome quote on there to keep the travel bug alive!

Lovelies, would you try this craft?

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