In my old age I have stepped away from color and stepped into the world of neutrals. I am not completely sure how the transformation began, but I look at my room now, totally black and white, my wardrobe, dominated by greys, whites, creams, blacks and every color in between and I just feel comfortable. I have tried on colorful clothing recently and had to squint as I looked in the mirror, blinded by the color. This is not to say that I do not mind the occasional pop of color or cannot appreciate them from afar, but I basically live in neutrals.

As much as I love neutrals, I know the term can be viewed negatively, thought of as boring, basic or oatmeal, but there are so many shades, combinations and possibilities they are not to be dismissed based on preconceived notions. Combining neutrals creates a much more relaxed and easy look — it can be interior design, fashion, art, beauty… no matter what, there is just a simple sophistication that comes from the perfect balance of neutrals. To prove it, I have compiled a few inspirational photos below.

What colors inspire you, Lovelies?

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