British television shows Sherlock and Downton Abbey have established a loyal and growing following thanks to PBS re-airing the shows once their seasons have finished in England. As great as the shows are, there are still plenty of gems virtually unknown in America. Here are a few of my favorite British television shows that you should definitely check out... 

For those of you Lovelies new to British television, they have a much different season structure. A single season is known as a series and most shows are only seven to 12 episodes long. They also have much looser rules around censorship, so there are a few more curse words and a few crazier plot lines.

1. The Graham Norton Show

A talk show, better known as chat shows in England, hosted by comedian Graham Norton always delivers a memorable moment. He also has one of my favorite segments ever, the big red chair, in which audience members tell their craziest stories in a big red chair that is hooked up to a lever controlled by Norton; if he likes the story, you walk, if he gets bored, you get flipped. It is an ability I wish I always had.

2. Fresh Meat

The series is about a group of college students that for whatever reason could not get school housing and instead live in a house off campus. To say this is an eclectic and eccentric group is an understatement; no matter how ridiculous they are, you always kind of feel bad for them.

3. Broadchurch

A dramatic murder mystery of a 12-year-old in a small, picturesque town attracts crazy media attention; this show always keeps you guessing. The suspense may actually kill you.

4. Alan Carr: Chatty Man

Another chat show with another comedian, Alan Carr, but they are both endlessly entertaining. Carr is not afraid of making fun of his guests and they are just as willing to give it back to him. Oh yea, there is also a lot of alcohol and occasionally, a few drunk celebrities.

5. Luther  

A drama that features Idris Elba, most famously known from The Wire, as John Luther, a detective in the Serious Crimes Unit of London who works in a very grey area of the law as he solves various crimes and struggles to adjust to normal life. It is intense and brilliantly acted.

Do you have any favorite British television shows?

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