For some reason, the beginning of the year always ignites a cleaning kick in me. I begin to look at all the clutter and mess I've accumulated in the past year (is it just me, or do your cleaning habits get a bit lax around the holidays?) and honestly it begins to make me a little crazy. I have a pretty tried and true method to cleaning the whole house that doesn't take me too long and soothes my inner neat freak. 

1. Start your laundry. Strip the bed and toss in any dirty towels or sheets. By the time you're done cleaning the house you'll have fresh sheets, which is a wonderful feeling.

2. Put things away. Common sense, I know, but this is the part of your cleaning where it's time to put things in their place. If they don't have a place, find one — this will take a little longer but will save you a headache next time it's time to clean.

3. Dust. Break out the duster, or even a wet rag will do. Wipe down shelves, tables, surfaces of any kind and don't forget to give any decorations a little love... it's pretty gross how much dust can accumulate on the top of a picture frame.

4. Vacuum. Now that you've kicked around all that dust, it's time to clean it up. Don't forget the nooks and crannies!

5. Mop. Or if you're smart... Swiffer Wet Jet

6. Final touches. Here's where I take care of things like the kitchen, dishes and the bathroom. I especially like to save the bathroom for last, because it's extra grody and when I'm finished I can just hop in the shower. After that I like to light some candles, fold my laundry and soak up all the goodness of my super clean haven.

Lovelies, what do you do to get your house super clean?

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