This sounds a bit cliche but every new year is a fresh start and a new chance to do something great. The feeling of it is inspiring because there is so much potential. I did some major work on myself this past year and it has improved my quality of life substantially! So I want to share some of the changes I made that might help you Lovelies have an amazing year...

1. Have a happy jar.

Every time you feel truly happy take a moment to jot it down and put it in your happy jar. It seems silly but it really does make you stop and appreciate the good moments. You’ll soon come to realize that even though life is not perfect, there are so many good things that happen throughout the year. Watch your jar fill up and at the end of the year read all of your little happy moments you experienced.

2. Have a planner.

I hear lots of my friends complain that they are unorganized and forgetful and I always tell them the only way I keep myself together is my planner. It’s practically another limb at this point because I take it everywhere! Write down all of your commitments and plans for the week and get in the habit of checking it regularly. Life will be so much easier and things will run much smoother when you’re organized!

3. Have a goal.

Working towards something gives you purpose and keeps you going even when you’re feeling down and out. If you don’t have a goal, you may find yourself lacking motivation and being unproductive. Until I changed my major and the course I wanted to go in life this year, I felt like I was treading water and doing nothing with my life. Having a goal made all the difference! Find what you want and strive for it! It doesn’t have to be something colossal. Just think of what you’re always fantasizing about and make it a reality! The accomplished feeling of reaching a goal is amazing and you are going to be a happier and better you.

4. Have some thrifty tricks up your sleeve.

I’ve learned to be more crafty this year and it has been quite a money-saving skill. Money is the source for a lot of our stress so it’s important to be creative with how we save it. Do some research and find easy ways to do things yourself! You can refurbish old furniture instead of buying new, make your own home decor and create fun things to give your loved ones. I made my mason jar vases for under a dollar! Especially for holidays and gift-giving occasions, being crafty will save you some major financial stress.

Lovelies, what changes will you make this year?

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