Recently, I have been on the hunt for my perfect office inspiration. I am working on getting a desk and creating a workspace at home and in my search I’ve come across some pretty amazing setups. If you’re looking to change up your workspace in the new year, here are some awesome desks and office spaces that might just motivate you to do it! 

Keeping the look streamlined by sticking to a color theme is a good way to keep things looking neat. You can have some fun adding a few pops of color with accessories but try to stick to your theme for the big stuff. Too many colors and patterns will overwhelm and make it look chaotic. Your office space should allow you to work and be creative without stressing you out even more! Install some shelves for maximum use of space and put up a chalkboard or whiteboard for writing down important memos.

This look is so organized it makes me want to go clean my room right now. Keep most of the stuff you’re not currently using tucking away in your drawers so it does not clutter your desk. Having lots of clear space on your desk will make for more productivity! A bold wall decal or art piece will make a great statement and I like how this space used the big pink heart and balanced it out with a simple white desk.

Invest in some nice office accessories! Your desk will look more messy if everything is mismatched and a million different colors. Having a set of office accessories that goes together will make it look more uniform and organized. A tray can be a good place to put little nicknacks and it will keep them from taking over your desk. I also always advise having a vase with flowers on your desk because it will freshen up the space and even improve your mood!

If you’ve got the space, a grand desk like this is definitely a fabulous choice for your office! Even with the quirky decor choices, the work space still looks classy and put together and everything is in its place. (The Hermes tray is so chic!) IKEA has some great organizing tools and all kinds of storage ideas that will help get you organized.

I love the look of a backdrop for your work space. If you’re facing a wall, you might not feel very inspired so take advantage of that empty space! Put up your own art work or make a big bulletin board to put inspirational words and pictures on. You can also create a wall full of pictures of your loved ones that will cheer you up and keep you going during those long nights of work. Whether its modern, rustic, grandiose, or small, your office space should reflect you!

Lovelies, how do you make your office space your own?

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