We're our most productive and positive selves when we feel confident, but how do we feel good about ourselves every day? It's not as difficult as it would seem!

1. Take time to 'get ready'.  Personally, I feel best about myself when I've had time to shower, get properly dressed and do my hair and makeup. Sounds easy enough, but I'm sure we've all had mornings where we're lucky to run a brush through our hair. Try setting your alarm a little earlier so you can put yourself together to your level of confidence!

2. Eat right. When I eat super crappy, by the end of the day, I'm usually beating myself up; when I eat well, I feel good about myself all day. Eating at least one balanced meal a day full of veggies and lean protein will make you feel good about yourself today, and if you do it every day, will make you feel good about yourself in the long run!

3. Be active. Take the stairs, park in the parking space that's furthest from the door, get off the subway a stop early so that you have to walk a little further... do whatever you have to do to just work in a little physical activity every day. You'll notice a difference in your body and your mood.

4. Do something productive. At least once a day, do something productive. Read a book, draw or paint, cook or bake, even small things like this will make you feel more productive and enrich your life!

Lovelies, what do you do to feel good about yourself every day? 

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