If any of you are hoping to be healthier this new year, this post might be very helpful! I am definitely an advocate of eating healthy and having good lifestyle habits but that doesn’t mean I don’t love delicious (and usually unhealthy) food. Pinterest has been very helpful with keeping me on track and I’ve gathered some fun recipes that will still taste delicious but are actually secretly healthy. You can have the best of both worlds!

I love any and all pastas which is not exactly diet friendly. All those carbs, cheeses and whatever else goes in your favorite recipes are likely to wreak havoc on your waistline but there are ways to combat this! I have been dying to try this Cauliflower Alfredo sauce. Cauliflower is a great tool for your diet because it serves as a great substitute. I’ve made cauliflower mashed potatoes before and they tasted exactly like the real thing! This recipe will save you tons of calories because Alfredo is generally a very heavy sauce.

Another pasta dupe is this zucchini lasagna recipe. I like to make this when I’m having a craving for a hearty meal but don’t want to feel too guilty afterwards. You simply replace the pasta layers with thinly sliced zucchini layers and it instantly makes it so much healthier! Not only are you getting rid of carbs but you’re also getting more veggies in your diet. You can still have a nice meat sauce and some cheese on top and get your Italian fix.

Chips are a go-to unhealthy snack; salty, deep fried and crunchy are the makings of a delicious but bad for you food. I love munching on chips and I am glad to have found a healthier alternative so I can continue to enjoy them. Use a varieties of root vegetables like beets and turnips and just bake them in the oven! (350 degrees for about twenty minutes) No grease and more health! 

For those that have an untamable sweet tooth (like me,) this may be a life saver! It’s a watermelon cake; all watermelon on the inside and decorated with various fruit on the outside, like you would a normal cake. It is still sweet and delicious but has significantly less sugar, calories and artificial ingredients. Your friends will appreciate your creativity if you serve them this unique cake!

Lovelies, do you think you’ll try any of these healthy recipes?

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