I love anything that is personalized and unique. It is so much more special when you put your own touch on something and crafting is always a great way to save money too! Pinterest has been booming with fun crafts during this holiday season and I have been eyeing some of these fun mugs. They are simple to make and definitely put boring old mugs to shame. Give it a try! 

One idea is to spray paint your mug. All this requires is a can of spray paint and some masking tape! Have fun creating a cool design with the tape and just be careful when spraying to not get it everywhere. I absolutely love the gold paint look; so classy and simple! Of course you’re free to make it your own and the possibilities are endless. They even have a clear sparkly spray paint that you can use on top of any color for some bling.

A chalkboard mug would be a great way to remind yourself of important things. Whether it’s a task for the day or an inspirational quote to keep you going, it is a really cool idea. Or you can give them to a loved one and write something special on there. Your local craft store will have chalkboard paint and you’ll be able to use it for lots of other fun crafts too!

Sharpie mugs might be the easiest of them all because you probably already have some sharpies lying around at home. You can write a quote or create an intricate design by writing with the sharpie directly on the mug. Let it completely dry and then bake them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. A few of the tutorials I found advised doing 30 minutes at 450 for mugs that have different colors because it will keep them from bleeding.

These are fun and easy to make, and a perfect excuse to get some friends together for a craft day! Give them to your loved ones as little gifts to remind them how special they are or keep them for yourself and be proud of the fruits of your labor every time you have a cup of coffee.

Lovelies, are you interested in trying any of these DIY mugs? 

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