If you got caught up in the holiday madness and now you're low on time to make something for a holiday potluck or gathering, you're in luck! I've gathered up some delicious treats that are easy to make and only take a few minutes. You'll be ready to go in no time, plus your friends will never know how little work you really had to do! 

How delicious does this pull apart bread Christmas tree look? I am hungry just looking at it! Your fellow guests will appreciate your creativity and will devour it. This definitely might be an item that could be a holiday regular on your dinner table. Simple instructions can be found here.

We all know the party favorite pigs in a blanket. Well this is its healthier vegetarian cousin! You can provide both since they are equally delicious or just stick with these. They are made the same way and are great if you're looking to stay on track this holiday season. All those indulgent treats that will be tempting you could wreck your diet but these aren't too destructive. 

I think these are so adorable! Brownie rain deer. Bake the brownies as you would regularly and then cut them into triangles. Decorate the face with candy or icing and make them look as cute or as silly as you'd like. Don't forget the antlers by using some pretzels. Super fun to make and minimal effort! (Try to communicate with the host and see whether they need more desserts or savory foods so that you bring what is needed.)

I have made these a few times and they are a hit with my friends! The brownie and the strawberry are the perfect balance of flavors and this treat is just so festive. You can use store bought brownie bites and all it takes is a dollop of whipped cream onto which you put the strawberry to create the Santa hat. Bite sized and adorable!

-Vegetable trays are always a good choice too! You can arrange them to look like a festive tree or a snowman or buy one ready made if you're really running late.

-Can't go wrong with some yummy skewers because they are delicious. Stack mozzarella, baby tomatoes and basil for a bite-sized caprese treat.

-And of course if all else fails, just bring a nice bottle of wine or champagne. The host, as well as the other guests, will be more than satisfied.

Lovelies, what do you like to bring to holiday potlucks or other festivities?

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