Whenever I get bored or have some extra free time, I like to try making a new recipe or bake something yummy. I am not the most talented baker so I try to keep it pretty simple. With holiday party season in full effect, there will be lots of potlucks and gatherings that will require us to bring a treat so this year let's impress our friends! These cakes look beautiful and complicated but they are actually super simple to make. You'll be the talk of the party!

The easiest one and one I have personally made a few times is this Kit Kat cake! It is such a unique idea and it only takes a few minutes. Bake a regular cake and, when it's ready to decorate, put Kit Kats around the outside. A ribbon not only looks festive but also serves the double duty of keeping everything from accidentally falling apart. On top you're free to put whatever you'd like! Most people put M&M's or some other type of candy but fresh strawberries would also be a delicious and healthy option.

This is the cake I will be making for my potlucks this season. I think it looks absolutely beautiful and all with the help of some food coloring! Of course you can make the ombre with any color you think looks nice and there are healthy coloring alternatives if you're not a fan of food coloring. All this cake requires is adding increasing amounts of coloring to each separate pan of cake mix and then you would handle it as any other cake. The final product is gorgeous and you are sure to impress with your creative dessert! 

Similar to the ombre cake is the rainbow cake! It is the more fun and colorful option and your younger loved ones are sure to love it. This is when the old rainbow trick of ROY G BIV I learned in elementary school comes in handy (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet.) A six tier cake may be a bit more than what you're used to but it is worth the extra time spent because it will wow! Guests will not expect this bright burst of color when they cut into your cake.

This checkerboard cake is so classy in my opinion and the best part is that it only looks difficult to make! It is actually more simple than you'd ever think. Follow this diagram to assemble it! It is all about making two cakes and cutting things out.

Lovelies, do you think you'll try any of these fun cakes?

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