My obsession with Japanese culture started at an extremely young age: My first stuffed animal was Hello Kitty (or as I called her, “Eggo Kee”) and as soon as I could walk I was running rampant in Sanrio stores snatching up all the Pochacco, Keropi, and My Melody paraphernalia I could get my hands on. My first tastes of sushi and Ramune soda solidified it — I love Japan!

Once I began obsessively watching Lost In Translation in high school, I’ve been plotting how to get there and where exactly I want to visit (my first stop will be a cat cafe!). This moodboard is a tribute to my impending travels!


[via The Cherry Blossom Girl]

I love how everything in Japan seems to be well thought out, adorable and delicious. Clearly the food is a huge reason I want to go, but I’m also dying to shop for Sanrio and Rilakkuma trinkets, visit Puroland and experience Japanese culture first hand!

Lovelies, have you ever been to Japan?