Over the summer, it's easy to stay hydrated because we physically feel when we need to replenish. We start to get sweaty, drowsy, and even light-headed. Drinking water is an essential. But what about during the winter? How much attention do you pay to staying hydrated when it's too cold to "feel" it? If you haven't been worried about it yet, it's time to start. Here are four easy ways to stay hydrated this winter.

Water-Filled Fruits

Fruits such as strawberries, grapefruits, and apples are overflowing with water. We all know how monotonous it can get to drink water all day. Try supplementing your water intake for some of these fruits to stay hydrated this winter! Plus, they've got tons of essential vitamins and minerals in them.

Fresh Juice

If you've ever wanted to start juicing, now is definitely the time to start. And don't just throw in all of your favorite fruits! Vegetables are essential to staying hydrated. Not only will you get all of the water content from the vegetables, you'll also get all of their nutrients. (Cucumbers and kale are great veggies to throw in your blender!)


Now, I personally have never used flax-seed but I've always heard great things! Soak the seeds in water overnight and, the next morning, a gel-like substance will be produced. It may seem a little weird, but drink that gel and it will form a coat around your stomach, locking in all of the moisture & helping you feel more hydrated throughout the day.You can strain the seeds from the gel with a strainer or just use your teeth as a filter, catching them before they enter your mouth.

Coconut Water, Oil, Anything

Coconut water is probably one of the best drinks you can probably sip on. Not only is it about 95% water, it's filled with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that will do wonders for your body! Apply coconut oil to your skin daily and be on the lookout for shampoos and conditions that have this awesome ingredient in it!

How else do you stay hydrated during the winter, Lovelies?

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