While clicking through all my usual blogs this morning, I came across this awesome snow manicure on the Free People blog, Bldg 25. Since I just bought an abundance of Martha Stewart glitter recently (they don't call it the herpes of craft supplies for nothing) I figure I will try out this nail tutorial despite the risk of my house becoming a glitter wonderland. Don't worry, as long as you are clean while applying it and follow the steps you will not infect everything you touch with glitter once your nails are dry. The end result of this DIY is so festive and beautiful it might be the only manicure I have all season. See more under the cut.

[via Bldg 25]


  • Extra fine loose¬†white glitter
  • White nail polish
  • Clear nail polish

1. Apply 2 coats of white polish. Let dry.
2. Pour a small amount of white glitter onto a piece of paper (the paper is for easy clean up and for working the glitter back into a pile should your mound go flat).
3. Apply one coat of clear top coat and lay your finger nail-side down into the glitter. Repeat for each finger.
4. Let dry completely.
5. Once your nails are dry, rinse them in cool water to wash off any excess glitter.

THAT'S IT!! Pretty awesome, right? Thanks to the ladies of Free People for sharing this simple and pretty mani!

Would you try this manicure?

See more photos and read the original DIY on Bldg 25!