This year, I'm treeless for Christmas. It's kinda sad, but it was either not buy gifts or go without a tree. Obviously, buy a tree isn't as important to me as buying gifts for my loved ones. Not to mention there is talk of moving out of state next year, and since I wouldn't buy a real tree anyways, it seems pointless to add something else to the list of things I have to move.

So treeless, yes. Craft supply-less... NEVER. I'm dipping into my washi tape, paper scraps, and yarn stash, because this year, I'm DIYing it. It's much cheaper and much more... well, me. How can I even begin to prepare my boyfriend for the home made pom pom and glitter feather garlands that are about to fill our abode? He'll thank me later when hes feeling super christmas-y thanks to my thoughtful decorations. Here are some really adorable DIY Christmas treesfor inspiration, in case you're feeling crafty.

[via Buzzfeed]

Do you like any of these ideas?

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Editors Note: This post is from last year, but I decided to share it again because there are so many good ideas here! Happy Holidays!