DIY and crafting always seem like fun until you find yourself in way over your head in the middle of a project. Not all of us have the gift of being crafty but there are lots of fun and simple projects out there that anyone can do! One such project is to paint mason jars. I love how they look and the best part is that it's easy! You can use them as cute home decor or give them away as gifts this holiday.

The original way of painting mason jars is to take some paint, put it on the inside of the jar and swirl it around until every nook and cranny is covered. You'll want to do more than one coat to ensure the color is opaque and even. After that it's up to you if you want to distress them or add some more fun details. Super easy and super cheap, which is the best kind of craft in my opinion. You can see a how-to here if you need it! Of course, Pinterest has millions of different versions so feel free to explore some more.

I personally like the spray painted version more because it is even easier! All you have to do is spray paint the outside of the jar with a can of spray paint and you're done. You'll want to make sure you have cardboard or something to protect your surroundings from the paint because it does tend to get on things. The metallic sprays are my favorite because they look so darn classy! This is perfect for your desk as a pencil holder or something to put your makeup brushes in your bathroom.

A nice little touch one you're done painting is to dip the jars in glitter and give them a bit of sparkle. I love all things glitzy so I think this is adorable!

You can have some fun using these for gifting as well! You can put flowers in them and give them to a loved one or fill them with mini makeup samples and use a jar in lieu of a stocking. Don't be afraid to be out of the box!

Lovelies, what is an easy craft you love?

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