Now that Thanksgiving has come to an end, the official start to the holiday season begins. And what does that mean for all you cinematic lovers? That’s right, holiday-themed movies. One of my favorite traditions of this time of year is snuggling up in big sweaters, warm socks, cozy blankets to watch a movie with my family or friends. So I wanted to share with all you Lovelies, my top all-time five suggestions.

Number Five. The Family Stone. This movie is underrated. With an all-star cast, featuring actresses such as Diane Keaton, Claire Danes, Rachel McAdams and Sarah Jessica Parker, you really can’t get much better. Most forget about this one but I was reminded by my roommate (it is her favorite holiday flick) of its greatness. Buy it on Amazon.

Number Four. A Charlie Brown Christmas. I mean who doesn’t love this movie? Each time I see this Christmas special, I am brought back to my childhood. I recently bought the DVD/CD combo of the movie and soundtrack at Starbucks. If you Lovelies love Snoopy as much as me, purchase it for yourself here.


Number Three. Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. The sheer hilariousness of this movie means I have to watch it at least twice a holiday season. This is one of my family’s favorite holiday movies. I remember wishing I could stay in The Plaza Hotel a time or two just like Macaulay Culkin (what 10 year old wouldn’t). Buy this classic series for your collection.

Number Two. Love Actually. Not to sound redundant but I actually love this movie. It is one of the cutest and well-thought out romantic comedies I have ever seen. The intertwining story lines are great and are played out by even better actors. Its worth watching, just to see Hugh Grant’s dance scene. I already own a copy myself but you Lovelies should get your own.

Number One. Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. An oldie but certainly a goodie. It is a tradition with my dad to watch this every Christmas Eve before we go to bed. I know almost every song by heart (even if I sing them off-tune). It is a perfect family film. And if you are a Lovely that loves musicals, you will love this. Even better, it is on Netflix (streaming online) now so no need to buy it if you are currently a member. If you aren’t, look here to purchase.

Lovelies, what are some of your favorite holiday movies?

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