While beauty, animals and reading are at the top of my list, another passion of mine happens to be interior design. As a kid, I would check out interior design book after interior design book from the public library and just pore over the interesting spaces for hours. Then when I discovered Pinterest, I was done for.

I am always looking for inspiration for decorating my apartment (and my future dream house). Check out what I'm currently obsessing over!

I love this clean, simple bedroom, but most of all I love the beautifully arranged night stand! I want to get my hands on that framed John Lennon quote!

I love an old kitchen, so that sink is right up my alley. Add beautiful light and a hanging planet and you have kitchen magic.

If y'all haven't noticed by now, my color scheme of choice in the bedroom is all white everything. Plus plants. It's all you need!

Well, a Southwestern style headboard and Oriental rug certainly couldn't hurt either.

Long story short, I'm dying to get my hands on some more rugs and textiles. I'm obsessed with Peruvian, Moroccan and Southwestern textiles and I want to drape them all over my house!

Lovelies, where you do you get interior inspiration? 

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