Being a vegetarian, I am always curious about ways to maintain my health, while maintaining my food choices. Here are a few vegetarian-friendly foods that will help you get your protein… 

1. Legumes

Full of fiber, protein and magnesium, they are versatile enough to eat in salads, soups, veggie burgers, dips or all by themselves. Personally, these are not my favorite food, alone, but if you mix them into a salad then they are perfectly edible.

2. Hemp and Chia Seeds

Hemp seeds contain about 10 grams of protein in 3 tablespoons, and chia seeds are just short of 5 grams of protein in only 2 tablespoons. Toss these seeds into your next salad or wrap and feel the difference.

3. Quinoa

It provides nine essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce on their own and is known as a complete protein while containing more than 8 grams of protein per cup. Instead of making risotto as your next side dish, I challenge you to make quinoa. This food has an interesting flavor that can help make your meal more enjoyable.

4. Leafy Green Vegetables

They are low in carbohydrates, rich in fiber and antioxidants and alkalinizing to the body. In other words, if you see that a product is naturally green then you should be eating it. This thought process includes lettuce, spinach, broccoli and kale.

5. Avocados

They provide all 18 essential amino acids necessary for the body to form a complete protein. Personally, I really love small avocados in my salads. If you can find a way to eat avocados in certain meals, such as wraps, salads, sandwiches or more, then your body will benefit tremendously. [via Fox News]

Are you a vegetarian? How do you get your proteins? 

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