Lovelies, I am a huge movie buff. I’ve seen the classics and the new releases. Chances are that if I haven’t seen a movie, I’ve heard about it or read the novel it’s based off of. In all my years of watching movies, I’ve come to the conclusion that some scripts have incorporated amazing dialogue, jokes, one-liners, references, and other comments that make me smile. After making a long list, these are some of my favorites:

Elf! This is my holiday tribute for the moment.

Who can forget Cinderella Story? This movie was adorable and full of fun quotes.

For those of you who love action movies, Tropic Thunder has some of the most hysterical quotes ever written or spoken.

The Princess Bride’s classic line, “As You Wish.”

For some reason I think this line from Easy A is absolutely hysterical.

As someone who actually read the Princess Diaries series when it was first out, I had to mention Mia and Meg Cabot’s success story.

Legally Blonde! This movie has so many fun jokes and great one-liners it’s difficult to choose just a few.

My tribute to the amazingness that is Clueless.

I easily could have done an entire post about the quotes from Clueless, there are too many to count.

There needed to be at least one Good Will Hunting reference in this list.

Similarly, there had to be a mention of Forest Gump. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”

My love for Scarlett O’Hara hasn’t diminished since I read the novel or sat through the movie, Gone With The Wind.

My Harry Potter shout out.

And where would we be without our cartoon favorites?

I loved the movie Up. Everything from the dog chasing squirrels to the house being lifted up in the air by balloons, the relationship between Mr. Fredrickson and Ellie was so sweet.

Finding Nemo! This quote is one of those random things that will come into my head at random moments, “just keep swimming” could easily be “just keep persevering.”

The Swan Princess. I love the part when Odette asks Derek why he loves her and he responds that she’s beautiful and that there isn’t anything else he can think of. This movie makes me laugh even now that I’m twenty.

Enchanted has cartoon elements and an inner child vibe to it that makes it fall under this category. Patrick Dempsey makes me laugh, playing the cynical dad.

I love the Lion King, I needed to include at least one quote from this fantastic movie.

This was a quote I found through Pinterest from A Bug’s Life. I loved this movie when I little.

What are your favorite movie quotes? Did you enjoy some of my favorites? 

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