It's no new revelation that water is good for your body. But one woman shared how drinking water actually made her look 10 years younger. It sounds impossible right? Well, that's what I thought until I read her story and saw the pictures for myself.

42-year-old Sarah Smith started drinking more water to get rid of bad digestion and headaches, but after drinking three liters of water every day for a month, she ended up losing weight and taking an inch off her waistline. Oh, and perhaps the most noticeable effect of them all, was looking like she entered a time machine.

Just from the picture below it's evident that her face reaped the benefits of drinking water. Some effects were:

  • Loss of dark circles underneath and around her eyes
  • Loss of wrinkles
  • Clearing up of red blotches
  • Looking more fresh-faced

Here you can read her observations of the changes she saw in her complexion and body — it truly is amazing to compare the pictures she took of herself each week.

Lovelies, can you believe that water had this kind of effect?

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